Don't be the nerd that misses out on events, free swag, & food

Connect with yo friends & see what's happening on campus, in real time - or just use it as a dope map, we don't care.

See activity on campus, instantly

This exclusive app is for WSU students only. Log in using your university email & gain instant access to events, food, study groups, whatever others want to share - is happening on campus. 

  • Map with your real-time location


  • All campus activities in one place
  • Never miss free food on campus again

Be the big man (or woman) on campus

Think of aura as social currency. The more you have, the cooler you are. You can earn aura by attending events, upvoting good events, & by creating your own killer events. Right now - you can't earn any real prizes for aura, but we are working on it. 

  • Earn aura & be a boss


  • Aura doesn't actually mean anything
  • Eventually, it will matter

Launch your own event

Do you see some free food being given away at the RSC? Trying to pick up some ballers at the Heskett? Need to study with other nerds? Launch an event to get the word out!


  • Easiest way to earn aura
  • Schedule events ahead of time
  • Get more people to attend your stuff


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